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Mostly contains poems of mine, but Anime artwork is in here too :)


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    Centered in a grave yard with my mission complete and so many answered questions yet still so many unanswered ones, I knew my time was coming to an end. I was a walking epidemic. I am become death. A danger to everyone and everything around me. I was no good to anyone anymore. My usefulness was to come to a bitter end. The virus inside my body was not going to be the reaper though; I was. 
   As I placed the barrel of the gun in my mouth. With shaky hands I tried my best to get a steady shot. I had to make this count. Though my breaths were quick and my heart race was going a very fast pace. I was tired of being scared. I can't think of what brought me here anymore and I can't let it stop me now. No one would benefit from my existence. Not anymore they wouldn't. I closed my eyes and finally swallowed everything. I pulled the trigger, yet I was still alive. The chamber had not been filled. In all of my panic and frustration, I had forgotten to load the chamber. Ironic isn't it? A "legendary hero" such as myself forgetting to load a gun. Heh.
   I tried to comprehend what had just happened. Breathing quick on my knees still hands clutched in the grass below me. I grasped for more air.
   Then I herd a voice. "That is right, it isn't your time just yet."
   Quickly I summoned the strength to stand and met this man only find a gun in his hands. I loaded the one I had just tried to use to end my life and was ready. He walked and pointed his gun at me and I the same to him. Then he dropped his and the next thing I know he rushes to me and disarms me only to embrace me. In a soft voice he told me. "Let it go, my son."
   This man then spoke of the truth I had been seeking and ones of regrets and the lies that were told. He also told me the virus had been overcome by a new one inside me and no longer was I a walking epidemic. I could live my life now, the future I didn't even know if I wanted. He told me the world ends with this death. He was the last of the cause of such ruin and despair. After ending where it started. Zero had been erased and now a new age could begin.
   As this man slowly began to die because of similar virus inside of him, I lit him one last cigar and stayed by his side. In his dying breath. So much regret and sadness laid in his departure. Mistakes he wishes he could fix...lives to take back. He said with his final breath, knowing that with his death it all ends and a new age of peace can begin in the world: "This is good, isn't it?"

[ A little something I felt like writing. I left details out on purpose. if you read this and understand where this is from well then that is great. I wanted to a perspective on the main character. his thoughts and feelings. Hope this as worth a read. ]
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Cody Paxton
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a normal sensitive adult with a very caring personality. I have much to share and I hope many may enjoy my work.
I am a writer more than a drawer.
I enjoy metal music the most but I listen to just about anything. I enjoy anime among videogames and hanging out with friends. A normal teen/adult :)

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